18 June 2012

Go Big or Go Home

So Saturday was Go Big of Go Home at Bearsden ski club. This competition is always one of the best dry slope comps of the year if not the best. The competition was held in a jam format qualifier followed by a 3 run final best 2 runs count.

I was lucky to come 3rd in the 16+ as the level of competition was extremely high. Eveyone was throwing down with cork 9 trucks, rodeo 9s, switch 7's and 9's and a few switch 10 attempts. I was more than stoked to land all three of my runs and felt good to be landing tricks like 9 double tail after almost a year without skiing on dryslope.

Big shout out to Grant Donald who deserved the win with some sick cork 9 trucks and a crazy rodeo 9.

Hopefully there will be some edits out soon from the day.